99H endurance real bone conduction ear hanging Bluetooth headset

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Color : Black
  • No sense of wear, comfortable to wear all day long
  • Does not compress the ear canal and protects the ears
  • Natural ambient sound, no need to take off headphones for conversation
  • Master-level tuning, high-fidelity sound quality
  • Super long battery life

Not in the ear, refreshing and transparent: While listening to music, you can clearly perceive external information, and you can also better protect your road health.

Immersive sound effects: Breakthrough stereo sound, composite diaphragm speakers, with good low-frequency sound quality, and the sound is clear and transparent. Metal coil has super strong magnetism and high dynamics to reduce distortion rate. Composite diaphragm speaker takes into account low, medium and high frequency response.

High-definition voice calls: No noise. Get rid of the hustle and bustle and experience high-definition calls. Even in a noisy environment, you can talk clearly and talk freely.

Can't be thrown off: It is comfortable to wear next to the ear, comfortable to wear in hanging style, running, skipping, fitness, dancing, and can be used in any movement, and can be used in unrestrained sports.

Switch between single and double ears at will: digital screen power display, both left and right are hosts, dual-channel synchronous transmission, more stable and faster, both sides can be used independently, switching without disconnection.

Sweat-proof and dust-proof: Enjoy daily use. Compact structure design, no need to worry about sweat damage to the machine during daily use.

Low latency, immersive game playing: Powerful transmission speed, even if you are playing games, you will not feel any delay and enjoy a more enjoyable gaming experience.